Transition or the Big Chop?

I didn't do "the big chop." I did a chop, but it wasn't "the big chop." I like to call it a hybrid transition, where I chopped some and changed my habits and styling methods. I started from a place where I needed to cut off a lot of inches because of breakage. I wore it straight initially and transitioned over gradually. I started off straightening my hair responsibly, then to rod sets, and then eventually over to a wash and go. I didn't have a muse when I decided to go natural. I just wanted, healthy, manageable, unprocessed hair. Your choice depends on your mindset and comfort level. 

Doing the big chop allows you to immediately start your journey of falling in love with your natural hair, and it gives you a jump start on learning how to manage your natural hair. The only con is that you'll probably have less than an inch of hair. 
Transitioning allows you to keep your length but requires a lot of trial and error as you are literally dealing with two different stark textures. You'll have to be creative with the styles and products that you choose to meet your needs during this period.

Whatever you decide, we've got you!