October's Curlspiration Courtney Jo!

I Luv Curls® had the pleasure of honoring Oakland’s very own Courtney Jo for our curlspiration of the month for October! You can catch the whole interview on our Instagram @iluvcurls.

Courtney shared ALL about her Natural haircare journey, how she found her haircare routine, and the moment she saw her curly hair as beautiful! Here are a few highlights from going live with her!

Courtney was still straightening her curly hair because that was what she knew. She began researching and finding ways to care for her curly hair and scalp. Her research sent her back to the basics of hair care. Courtney shared, “I feel like by me embracing my natural hair and learning about my natural hair care routine got me to save my hair.” Researching her haircare journey made her curious about the history of straightening her hair, and she pondered the following questions: “Why did I do what I did? Why do I feel like I need to straighten my hair? Why don’t I know how to take care of my hair? Why do people who look like me on television have straight hair?” These questions caused her to realize that the media has set a euro-centered beauty standard.

Courtney also reflected on the psychology of confidence and self-esteem around curly hair asking, “Does it makes us feel like we aren’t enough? Does it make us feel like we aren’t beautiful? Answers to these questions and working to unlearn helps us better understand what works for our natural curls and what is damaging to our hair and our whole selves! “Unlearning all those things and knowing the history of why and where it comes from and where it started” is essential.

In her journey, Courtney challenged her first instinct to straighten her hair for a photo shoot and instead chose to show up with her naturally curly hair. “I was just so happy that I did because I felt like I was showing up as I am and who I was, and they were so accepting of it, and that helped build my confidence that it is beautiful.” We love this and want to shout it across the ethers of the web, show up as your authentic self with your natural curly hair and love ALL of you!

Thank you, Courtney, for sharing your story. We will bask in your curly glow as your haircare story unfolds and you continue to inspire others! You ARE our October Curlspiration!

Follow Courtney’s blog here! https://www.allthingscourtneyjo.com/