Love is in the (H)air!

As a discerning man, my wife's curly hair is attractive because there is a beauty that comes with its spontaneous and unpredictable nature.
While I believe that physical beauty is transitory and I mostly dote and dwell on my wife's internal qualities of spirituality, kindness, and care, I will admit when her crown is curly, there is added magnetism and attraction from her natural hair.

Her natural hair speaks simultaneously to many dimensions - saying unapologetically, I don't conform. I am independent. I am untamed yet still playful and approachable.

In her curly hair, the attraction and sex appeal comes from the intersection of effortlessness and unruliness in the way her curls choose their path to stand, lay, or flow simultaneously. 

Her curly hair is a smorgasbord of wildness and disobedience, rebelliousness, and truculence. A torrent of nature-like forces which ironically speaks to who she is. Saying, I am not easily tamed. I am multi-faceted. I put in work and did not reach for a flat iron which breeds conformity.    

It makes a statement, in fact, many at the same time. Bold and beautiful, fierce and fearless, confident and complex. It says I not only stand up, but I stand out. It speaks to the embodiment of a woman wielding her superpowers. 

Men may shy away from natural curly hair women. For me, I can't resist a woman like this. I am lucky I don't have to go searching for Love in the hair – I have it right here (no pun) by my side. 

For women contemplating a switch to curly hair, I will say the following: choose curly hair, and you've opted for versatility. You can bounce from curls to braids, twists to locks, and back. Your switch-up game will be stroooong. You can enjoy all activities from dining out, exercising, and swimming without worrying about getting your hair wet. There is no "don't touch my hair" in the curly hair game. 

My wife's curly hair eliminates the guessing game as it allows her to present herself in the truest form – the essence of femininity. In her natural curls, there is not only a look of lusciousness and luxury but the look of Love in the (H)air.

Happy St. Valentines Day,
Neil G. McGowan