Celebrating National Small Business Week

Reflection on Small Businesses 

Small businesses and small business owners matter! Before the pandemic, small businesses created 1.5 million jobs annually and accounted for 64% of all new jobs in the U.S., according to SEMrush.  Sadly, the pandemic caused roughly one-third of small businesses to shut their doors, not only affecting individual entrepreneurs but 47.3% of the nation’s private workforce that are employed by small businesses.

These companies served a bevy of needs in our communities and provided jobs for the people that worked hard to make them successful. It was small businesses that gave me part-time employment while in college. As I started my career in Corporate America, it was selling to small businesses that developed my sales acumen and a newfound appreciation for the courage of the entrepreneur. 

The small business entrepreneur inspired me to leave corporate America and open my first small business in 2008. That inspiration continues to this day, propelling me to launch I Luv Curls® with the laser focus on growing and morphing into a larger company that serves the purpose of helping you be a better you.  

Thank you for supporting I Luv Curls® 


Joy Truth