🚫 Gatekeeping: Unveiling The Secret - Strength Yields Volume & Length!

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ADD + STRENGTH™ nourishing masque
for all hair types

At I Luv Curls®, we know that strength isn't just about muscles but also about radiant manes. Here are three reasons why strengthening is vital for your curls:

  • Reduction in Hair Breakage: Fortified hair handles daily stress, reducing hair fall and split ends.
  • Enhanced Hair Volume: Strong hair isn’t just resilient; it adds bounce and fullness to your curls.
  • Promotes Length Retention: Want longer hair? Strengthening reduces breakage, promoting length retention.


ADD + STRENGTH™ nourishing masque embodies and delivers all of these benefits:

  • Deep Ayurvedic Treatment: A blend of tradition and science, it strengthens while promoting volume and length. 
  • Powerful Cassia: Packed with color-safe cassia, it combats hair breakage, preserving the length of your vibrant curls.
  • Basil Essential Oil: Strengthens and invigorates hair from roots to tips, giving your curls that dreamy bounce.


Experience the fusion of strength and luxury in  

ADD + STRENGTH™ nourishing masque by I Luv Curls®.

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